Lumberyard very slow on Windows 10

Just got ambushed with Windows 10 upgrade a few hours ago (formerly using Windows 8.1). I clicked re-schedule and I found my laptop upgrading to Windows 10 Home.

I downloaded the latest driver for my graphics card (Geoforce GTX 780M) and installed. LY has refused to run properly anytime I open it. The fps stays at 0 or 0.4 which was around 38fps on Windows 8.1. Everything about this Windows 10 is slow even to boot or when u go online compared to 8.1.

Is anyone exporiencing this? This is really annoying. Spent most of my time trying to figure this problem out instead of getting work done. Seems a lot of people are experiencing this stealthly ambush by Microsoft from a few hours ago.

So I wanted to ask the devs if the frame rate issues can be fixed on my end and if Windows 7 or 8.1 works better so I can rollback to previous version or stay on the present OS.

EDIT: Just found out online that rolling back to previous Windows version might ruin your files and complicate tech matters. Great job, Microsoft.

I’m running it on a somewhat beefy system (i7 4790k,gtx980, ssd, win10) with few issues.

Windows 10 works fine for me with lumberyard on multiple machines. You honestly might need to do a clean format.

Thanks for the heads up, guys. LY is running fine now even a little bit faster than Windows 8.1.Turns out I had to download the latest Windows updates and Intel graphics card drivers for it to work properly.

Took a while to figure out where to restart updates download since Windows 10 had some error with the updates.