Lumberyard will not install on D Drive


Lumberyard won’t seem to switch Install locations when I try to switch it. If I just let it be even though its saying its installing on my D Drive on Options but not saying it on the Home, it installs on my C drive, but can’t because it has no space.



Even though you are installing Lumberyard to the D drive, the installation is failing because Windows places temporary files on your C drive by default when you install software. A general guideline for Windows is to keep ~10% of the C drive empty for Windows to perform optimally.

There are some things you can do in Windows to work around this. I would try all of these suggestions in order to free up space!

Suggestion 1:

Clear up space on your C drive. This will be the simplest thing to do. Uninstall software and delete temporary files that you do not need.

Suggestion 2:

Run Windows Disk Cleanup. Personally, I do this every so often to free up space and remove left over temporary files from Windows Updates and other software installations. To do this, right-click on the C drive and under the General Tab, click on Disk Cleanup. You can check all the file types you want to delete. I suggest going one step further and also click on Clean up system files. I just did this myself and freed up 3.11GB on my C drive!

Suggestion 3:

If you still need more room, there is a more advanced option in Windows. You can move the location of all temporary Windows files. Go to System Properties and click on Environment Variables…

When the Environment Variables window opens, you will see two fields, User variables for Current User and System variables. In the pane on the left, you will see under Variables values for TEMP and TMP. To the right of these values, you will see the path that windows saves these files too.

Create a new folder on your D drive and call it Temp. Edit the path in the Environment Variables to point to this new location. From now on, Windows will now save all temporary files to your D drive. This is super awesome if you are running Windows on a small SSD. Which I assume you are.

Let me know how much space you free up and good luck!

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Thank you! I really appreciate the answer! I managed to free 7.85 gigs of storage on my C drive! Testing the install now!


I’m glad that worked for you! Remember to clean up the windows systems files every so often. Especially after a round of software updates!