Lumberyard with 4K UHD laptop ? and SLI support ?


I try to use lumberyard on my new laptop with a 4K display (3840x2160) and 2 nVidia GTX 1080 in SLI but lumberyard isn’t usable. The characters are small and some buttons are unreadable or blank.

Did something is planned in next updates ? Or a sort of patch, or a trick to temporary solve this problem ?

And other question, what about the nVidia SLI support ?


Best reguards.

Have a nice day.

Hello and thank you @Jason

I already using this settings, but it didn’t change anything in Lumberyard : (The image is small due to the forum weight restriction)

As you can see some text are too small and some other unreadable.

Maybe can I using an option or a command line when I build the engine using lmbr_waf ? Or visual studio ? Or any other possibility ?

If not I will wait the update to continue my project.

Thank you :wink:

Hello @nOblaYa,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We’re aware of the problem and this is something on our list of issues to look at.

In the meantime, if you’re running on Windows10, you might be able to get some relief by adjust the system text size in the Display Settings:

  1. Go to Display Settings
  2. Adjust the “Change the size of text, apps, …” slider to a value that works for you

Please Note: You will most likely have to restart Lumberyard after making this change.

Please let us know if this helped you or if you have any other questions we can answer for you.