Lumberyard Wwise "Non-LTX" How to Create a New Wwise Proj.


I have successfully integrated the demo Wwise_Project “Non-LTX”. I am trying to figure out how to create a new Wwise proj rather than using the demo project, does anyone know how this is done? I would think it would be as easy as pointing your project/sound banks files to the lumberyard folders?

Have had no luck so far.


Hi @The_Audio_Beast, it is very important that your wwise project is in the dev//Sounds/wwise/wwise_project/ folder just like it is in SamplesProject. If you have a folder structure where you have a wwise_project folder in your wwise_project folder then it won’t work. Here’s a draft of a tutorial that uses LTX to create a new audio project, but should work for regular wwise as well.

3538-wwisegettingstarted.pdf (275 KB)wwisegettingstarted.pdf

@petrocket Thank you very much, I have progressed a lot farther but still no dice. I have followed the tutorial to a T and now I cant see Wwise events in the audio controls editor, this was working in the sample project. The only step I dont understand is when it says “Note: Make sure the xml files end up in the cache folder, restart asset processor if needed”. Which cache folder is this referring to and restart the asset processor? Also what version of Wwise “non ltx” is the current version of Lumberyard compatible with? I thought the sample project was compatible with Wwise build 5823?

Thank you!

I updated to 1.7 and have followed this tutorial

I am successful up until I have to build the engine. When I build the engine after changing

SetupAssistantConfig.json its unsuccessful. On the other hand when I build the engine and dont change the code within SetupAssistantConfig.json. it builds fine.

@The_Audio_Beast, did you ever fully resolve this issue? I’m also interested in getting a full version of Wwise working in Lumberyard.

Hi @The_Audio_Beast, my apologies for the late response. If you could post the errors you are getting when you try to build with the changes to SetupAssistantConfig.json that would be super helpful to determine whats wrong.

Sure thing! I’ll attempt this in a day or so and post my results. Thanks!

sorry for the late response. I was unsuccessful. The main reason being that I am having fatal errors now from the asset processor upon startup.
1.8 was just released so I am going to try to upgrade to that and see if it at least fixes the asset processor so I can move forward. From what I have heard you have to use some notes from the cry engine doc and
some from the LY doc. As I find out more I will tag you!

Hi @The_Audio_Beast, the cache folder is the dev/cache//pc/ folder


Here is the error I am getting. Did you want me to post anything from the SetupAssistantConfig file?

Hey @The_Audio_Beast, let me know if you are still having these issues with 1.8.

@Binky_LY I
am still having this issue in 1.8 as well. If you look in the picture up above that is what I keep experiencing regardless of fresh install.

Hi @The_Audio_Beast! Would it be possible to provide the ap_gui.log so we can check the output? You can find it in your \dev\bin64vcXXX\logs folder? XXX will either be 120 or 140 for VS2013 or VS2015 respectively. Thanks!

@Binky_LY @petrocket

Any new word on this issue ?

Just seeing this now @Neil_LY

I will post the log when I get home. Thank you!

Hey @The_Audio_Beast, I’ve reached out to the support team to take another look at this.


Info inside the ap_gui.log.

1490679155441111716none~~| ------------ AZFramework File Logging New Run----------------------------- |

1490935004744113488none~~| ------------ AZFramework File Logging New Run----------------------------- |


Ok thank you!

@Binky_LY @Neil_LY @petrocket

Happy days!

I have resolved the asset processor error! Today I decided to run one more time after I restarted my computer. Instantly my malware events from my antivirus software “Bitdefender” popped up saying that LY is a malware threat and has been blocked for a few months now. This was the first time I had seen a pop like this that I can remember. So I checked the allow box and ran LY one more time and finally it worked!! I can now run LY again :slight_smile:

Honestly, I remember turning off Bitdefender but maybe I had missed something while in the moment. Anyways I wanted to let you guys know and I am glad that I can now finally start working on this Wwise situation again hahah.

Thank you,


Wow! That is GREAT news @The_Audio_Beast. Thanks for letting us know the solution. I’ll be sure to add this step to my instructions for people moving forward. Sorry it took so long to figure out and all the frustrations you encountered. Thanks for sticking with it!