Lunch T2.Micro from aws Console?


Is there a way to create a fleet from the T2.micro instance in the game lift fleet console?
I purchased a 1 year reserved instance(T2.micro) and it will be a lot more easier to lunch a new fleet with this type from the console but i can’t select it from the available list.


Unfortunately at this time GameLift does not support T2.micro instances. See for supported instance types.

Additionally GameLift does not support a bring-your-instance model. Gamelift provisions all the EC2 instances required and cannot use instances in your account.

If cost is a concern, consider looking at Spot instances with GameLift.

Hey @Pip are you sure GameLift does not support T2.micro ?

Because in this page :
it clearly says that you can use GameLift with previous generation instances and T2.micro is among them.

I hope it is not true because i already bought a 1 year no upfront reserved instance of T2.micro instance, what should i do ?

Apologies for the confusion, I should have been clearer.

Through the console you can only launch the instance types listed on the pricing page. Previous generation hardware, as stated in the documentation, are “available through the AWS CLI and Amazon GameLift API” only.

So unfortunately Gamelift does not allow use of T2.micro instances from the console. Additionally, Gamelift does not support customers providing their own EC2 instances; Gamelift owns and manages all the EC2 instances used for your fleet.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Hey there - I think what Pip meant was that you cannot launch t2.micro instances from the GameLift Console any longer. You can still create GameLift Fleets that use that instance type if you use the AWS CLI [1].

Although GameLift instances and EC2 instances are the same hardware spec in terms of CPU, memory, disk and networking performance, they are not interchangeable. You will not be able to use your reserved EC2 t2.micro instance from within GameLift. What I would suggest is reaching out to AWS Support and explaining your situation and then taking it from there.

Welcome to GameLift! Happy to help you get going.


@Pip No worries, i was a bit confused when i saw that GameLift supports T2.micro instances but not the Reserved Instances.

I also contacted AWS support and they told me the opposite.
They said the Reserved Instances should work from what they know (support said he was not a tech person) so i just tried to run an instance and see if it works or not and it didn’t as you said.
Aws support it now helping me with the case.

For anyone who might come across this post - don’t try to buy a Reserved Instances and use it with GameLift service, use the CLI to create a previous generation instances.(T2.micro instance for exmaple).

Cli example for creating a fleet with t2.micro instance :

aws gamelift create-fleet --name "Fleet Name" --description "Fleet Description" --build-id "build-123456-1234-1234-1234-12345678" --runtime-configuration "GameSessionActivationTimeoutSeconds=300,MaxConcurrentGameSessionActivations=1,ServerProcesses=[{LaunchPath=C:\game\YourGameServerEXE.exe,Parameters=-batchmode -nographics -Port 5555,ConcurrentExecutions=1}]" --ec2-instance-type "t2.micro" --ec2-inbound-permissions "FromPort=5555,ToPort=5555,IpRange=,Protocol=UDP" "FromPort=5555,ToPort=5555,IpRange=,Protocol=TCP"


]( @Pip and @MisterGameLift for your help.