LY throwing __debugbreak() error from CCullThread


My installation began crashing recently. It’s getting caught on this piece of code from CCullThread.cpp, specifically the __debugbreak():

        #if !defined(_RELEASE) // debug code to catch double invocations of the prepare occlusion buffer job per frame
static int _debug = -1;
if (_debug == -1)
_debug = gEnv->pRenderer->GetFrameID(false);
else if (_debug == gEnv->pRenderer->GetFrameID(false))
_debug = gEnv->pRenderer->GetFrameID(false);

I looked at the call stack and it does not involve any code I’ve written as far as I can tell:

 	>	Cry3DEngine.dll!NAsyncCull::CCullThread::PrepareCullbufferAsync(const CCamera & rCamera) Line 282	C++
Cry3DEngine.dll!CObjManager::PrepareCullbufferAsync(const CCamera & rCamera) Line 41	C++
Cry3DEngine.dll!C3DEngine::UpdateRenderingCamera(const char * szCallerName, const SRenderingPassInfo & passInfo) Line 1254	C++
Cry3DEngine.dll!C3DEngine::RenderWorld(const int nRenderFlags, const SRenderingPassInfo & passInfo, const char * szDebugName) Line 914	C++
CrySystem.dll!CSystem::Render() Line 811	C++
CryAction.dll!CCryAction::PostUpdate(bool haveFocus, unsigned int updateFlags) Line 1952	C++
EvrTerm.dll!LYGame::EvrTermGame::Update(bool hasFocus, unsigned int updateFlags) Line 88	C++
Editor.exe!CGameEngine::Update() Line 1915	C++
Editor.exe!CCryEditApp::IdleProcessing(bool bBackgroundUpdate) Line 2905	C++
qt5core.dll!0000000075f9be45()	Unknown
qt5core.dll!0000000076014136()	Unknown
qt5core.dll!0000000075fa0958()	Unknown
qt5widgets.dll!00000000758890c2()	Unknown
qt5widgets.dll!0000000075887fd7()	Unknown
qt5core.dll!0000000075f7b649()	Unknown
qt5core.dll!0000000075fc2995()	Unknown
qt5widgets.dll!00000000758890c2()	Unknown
qt5widgets.dll!0000000075887fd7()	Unknown
qt5core.dll!0000000075f7b649()	Unknown
qt5core.dll!0000000075f7d32e()	Unknown
qwindows.dll!00007ffb50b424df()	Unknown
qt5core.dll!0000000075fc3c15()	Unknown
[External Code] qt5core.dll!0000000075fc3346()	Unknown
qwindows.dll!00007ffb50b424b9()	Unknown
qt5core.dll!0000000075f77d73()	Unknown
qt5core.dll!0000000075f7a3e7()	Unknown
Editor.exe!main(int argc, char * * argv) Line 7740	C++
[External Code]

It was suggested in the slack channel that I try to re-export the level and regenerate the occlusion mesh. I’ll try that, but what exactly is going on here? Anything else that might be the problem? How can I track this to its cause?