[Lyzard.exe][Crash] in advanced project settings when selecting editor.It seems related to specific gem settings(editor setup present in Camera gem)

Adding the Camera gem to the project made the Lyzard tool crash as soon as you switch to editor settings. This happens also with a gem I made that features the same runtime/editor setup of Camera so this seems to be related to this specific gem setup that no other released gem actually presents.

In a different post a developer confirmed me the editor gem feature is in an early stage so with some probability this issue may be not yet tracked.

I’ve created a bug for this. Thanks for reporting but sorry you ran into it.

I hope to check soon :wink:

Insert funny joke about the fact that we still not have access to any kind of bug tracking tool and still rely on forum for almost everything.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

I trust in you to fight for better community tools.

Hi @Gamely, this issue should be fixed in 1.9. When that build drops can you check again and see if you are still getting the same crash?

I’m trying! Appreceate the support!