Maintain aspect resolution with black bars

Why isn’t there an option in Lumberyard to maintain aspect ratio on stretching using black bars? Other engines have this feature and don’t rely on the GPU driver software to do it. The fullscreen of my game looks ugly because it doesn’t maintain aspect ratio and yet still stretches to fill the screen. Is this just one of the many features that Lumberyard lacks that modern engines don’t? Even Godot has this option.

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At any rate, I think this would be a good feature @lmbr_Saulty

hmm I was always thinking that when engine creates spawchain for frame, first of all it use screen ratio information.
can you provide any screenshoots of your issue? because I’m even can’t imagine how this issue may look

I can show you an example if you need one. However, if you ever worked on a game in lumberyard you should know this already. If you set the resolution to be, for example, 1280x720 and your screen resolution is higher this and put it on Fullscreen or fullscreen native resolution it’ll take up the entire screen which means, necessarily, the aspect ratio is not being maintained. And you can see in the console it’s still using the 1280x720 resolution. The only way it can do this is by not maintaining the aspect ratio and stretching out the the 1280x720 res to fit the screen.

Or, it could be multiplying up, maintaining the aspect ratio but cropping off the vertical space on either side. If it is doing that then it should be a choice for the dev whether they want to keep the width or height and have black bars or do the cropping. And if it’s not maintaining the aspect ratio at all, it definitely should.