Make character walk on any surface

I’m trying to make a level where my character could walk on any surface for example in a sphere the character would walk around it. I tried using the force volume component to simulate gravity, but nada. Could I get a suggestion or a tip on how I should do this?

Use a point force on the planet and give your movable entity inertia. Note: this doesn’t orient the object’s down direction to align with gravity, that would be coded.

Thanks it works! quick question tho, does the force volume value need to be -250?

Cool, Thanks dude/dudette.

@ImPerplexed Awesome! Any negative value will attract another object (a positive value will push it away instead). You’ll want to change the value around depending on how much mass your objects have and how fast they move around. -250 is just the value that worked well with this 80kg character and my input multipliers.