Make loading projects more user friendly

So I downloaded BeachCity to check it out but had no idea how to even get to it. Then I remembers you have to copy paste the directory to the Lumberyard folder, and change the bootstrap.cfg to load in the Beach level. This process should be much easier than it is now. For example, have an installer that’ll put it in the proper directory, then maybe a “Load this project” option somewhere? I feel like there should be a more intuitive way to change projects rather than having to dig through the cfg files.

did you try the ProjectConfigurator.exe in the bin64 folder? You can set a project to default there.
If you want to have the VS soltuion of that project, you need to run lmbr_waf.bat configure in a command prompt, so the solution will be build. But I think, for Lumberyard itself it should be fine over the configurator.