Matchmaking issue


I periodically get the following response:
“TicketId”: “2f8c034b-8993-4787-9ce2-31467e23779d”,
“ConfigurationName”: “CaptureTheFlag”,
“Status”: “FAILED”,
“StatusReason”: “GAME_SESSION_ERROR”,
“StatusMessage”: “The game session null was not found, or was in a state which wouldn’t accept new player sessions.”,
“StartTime”: 1571724557.18,
“EndTime”: 1571724557.312,
“Players”: [
“PlayerId”: “c399faa0-c17e-483a-80f6-47d886a86e7d”,
“PlayerAttributes”: {
“skill”: {
“N”: 10.0
“Team”: “team1”,
“LatencyInMs”: {
“us-east-1”: 50

Sequence to reproduce:

-create fleet
-start matchmaking with 4 clients
-wait for successful completion
-disconnect all clients
-wait for server termination [1]

-start again matchmaking with 4 clients
-this time, two clients will receive the error that I described above [2]

on the server side, when all clients disconnect, I execute the following code:

if you wait ~20-30 minutes before the second step, there will be no error

For now, after receiving this error, I just make a second startMatchmakingRequest with a new ticketId.

Any ideas what might be causing this error?

I’ve asked the GameLift team to look at this.

In the meantime, GAME_SESSION_ERROR indicates that backfill requests are failing because the game session couldn’t be found or was in an invalid state.

Are you performing auto backfill or calling StartMatchBackfill in this circumstance?

I would guess you are somehow terminating game sessions with active tickets.

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Hey Pip,
after i switched to manual backfill, the error no longer appeared!
I’ll read more about backfill.

Thank you very much for your help!