Matchmaking rule including "latency"

Hi everyone

I already made my matchmaking rule and have test it but after I added “latency” rule in the matchmakint rule, it didn’t work.

The picture below, shows the latency rule that I copied from an example.

What’s wrong?

Any help is appreciated!!!

Do you have a few more details about what is wrong? So it looks like you are using the example rule from here:

Are you sending the latency with your matchmaking requests?

Note the rules here wrt to how latency is used:

ie "LatencyInMs": { "us-west-2": 20, "ap-south-1": 100}

  • The matchmaker evaluates latency by region. Any region with a latency higher than the maximum is ignored. To be accepted for a match, a player must have at least one region with a latency below the maximum.

  • If a matchmaking request omits latency data one or more players, the request is rejected for all matches.

I have not provided the latency data as one of request parameters. Thank you!!!