Matchmaking ticket stuck on Placing, when using SPOT (issue occurred since 14.05.2018)

with --fleet-type ON_DEMAND everything is ok.

My second problem, which i mention before backfilling request does not work in c# or net.core 2.0 env, you can find additional info in StartMatchBackfill and C# Server SDK for Unity issue


SessionId: arn:aws:gamelift:us-east-1::gamesession/fleet-a1f9df30-6cc7-4984-814f-63a01a4ecd36/f8bbc071-26e2-4fe7-abe9-f36907cbb919, matchMaking: arn:aws:gamelift:us-east-1:231684332637:matchmakingconfiguration/DestinyStarsMatchmaking2, Backfill request failed with error: [GameLiftError: ErrorType=SERVICE_CALL_FAILED, ErrorName=Service call failed., ErrorMessage=An AWS service call has failed. See the root cause error for more information.]

My third problem is impossible to delete matchmaking configuration (tickets still exits? can you delete it manually? DestinyStarsMatchmaking
2018-02-15 13:18:24 UTC+0400)

Hey @actislav-

We are currently investigating why your tickets are stuck in placing which is what is also preventing you from deleting your configuration. We will update here when we know more with an ETA on when we can get you unblocked.

For the Backfill issue, we will continue to use the other forum post to investigate – sorry for the lack of update there as well.

  1. now is working, idk what was wrong.

  2. with latest net core 2.0 sdk from nuget package, it is now possible to investigate the problem (correct log added), which was in case sensitivity for backfill request in required player attribute (after fixing back filling also does not work, no update game session on game lift server backed or maybe matching new users in queue), and also corrected attribute name does not fix creating sdk back fill request from unity game lift net sdk, same error happens.

  3. problem with tickets are gone ( its possbile to delete now even with exists tickets)

Hey @actislav-

Just as a quick follow-up on your third point, we removed the restriction last week on needing to wait for all tickets to be in a terminal state before deleting your configuration. Glad to hear you are unblocked.