Material editor changes selected material

When changing a property of a material, after about a second the material seems to update something - the material vanishes briefly from the asset tree on the left and then reappears. However, when modifying the ?last material in a folder?, the material editor then selects another (second-last?) material, which is very annoying.

I’m using 1.11

Yikes — very sorry for this experience @Rastar. What version of Lumberyard are you using? I’m sending a note to our team to investigate ASAP :slight_smile:

Much thanks @Rastar! I’ll update the note right now — we’ll update this thread as soon as we can :smiley:

Same issue here, except my material completely disappears and doesn’t show back up until I restart the editor. I did notice that the console says "AssetRemoved:path=“materialpath”.

Using version 1.10.

Same here 100% every time I change a shader flag it switches to a different material.

Yikes – sorry for the troubles. I’ll notify the team right away! Thanks for reporting this :slight_smile:

Apologies for the issue. I’ve sent this note to the teams as well. Thanks for reporting this issue!

Hey all – again sorry for the delayed responses on this. We’re having difficulties repro’ing this. Could one of you give us a detailed repro step for teams to verify? Thanks for your patience and helping improve Lumberyard :smiley: