Material editor, no submaterial IDs listed? Some values clamped wrongly?

The material editor in LY 1.10 seems to have lost the expandable list view for multi materials containing sub-material IDs. They can only be chosen visually on the right side? Or is this an oversight?
Another thing I noticed when playing around with the Starter Game skydome is that some material settings cannot be achieved cause the material editor slider values are clamped too tight.

e.g. the StarterGame skydome material


has StepSize="0.0040000002
but that parameter value clamps at a minimum value of 0.01! That means if you try to tweak it, you can’t get back to what the original setting was.

Hey @Woodchuck - I’m very sorry for the troubles and delayed response. Are you still experiencing this issue?


This is the new expected behavior of the material editor.