Material Editor Problems

Hi, I have imported a Material within an FBX file and I have noticed when I go into the material and then save it using the Material Editor, It gets deleted. Is this a bug? It only happens in 1.12, 1.11 Works fine.

That doesn’t sound right. Fetching some answers on this. Thanks for bringing this to our attention :slight_smile:

Hey @JonTheGlitch,

Apologies for the inconvenience, this is indeed a bug in 1.12. It’s actually fine if you restart the Editor and Asset Processor and is only needed the first time you make changes to your material from an FBX file. Here are some steps in regards to the bug to help give you additional insight into what is happening:

  1. In Asset Browser, look for an unmodified FBX asset and expand it to
    see the material and mesh located under the .FBX
  2. Open Material Editor and look for the .MTL for that same FBX asset.
    Observe that in Material Editor, it lists the material as “.FBX” instead of “.MTL”
  3. If you go to the same directory in Windows Explorer, you will also see that there is only the .FBX and no .MTL
  4. Select one of the sub-materials and make any change, then click the Save icon to save your changes to the material
  5. The Material then disappears from Material Editor, and Asset Processor outputs a failed message for the material you saved changes to . The cache already has the .MTL and seems to have
    a conflict when attempting to regenerate the .MTL
  6. Restart the Editor and Asset Processor
  7. In Asset Browser, you will see that now the .MTL is located outside
    the .FBX hierarchy and is its own object
  8. In Windows Explorer, you also see that the .MTL exists in the project directory
    Hope that helps in the mean time.