Material is wiped after editor restart


I have issues with a few materials. I setup and save materials, but when I restart the editor, my modifications are wiped.

#1) I setup the material in the material editor and save the material

#2) I make sure the modifications are updated in the .mtl file

#3) I close and reopen Amazon Lumberyard Editor, notice that material has been changed

#4) My material is wiped

Anyone can help me?

Yeah, this is a problem I have too. Luckily I have perforce source control setup so I can upload my change to the material and it will be saved and not overridden.

Have you tried making a new material file by using the copy/paste material buttons to copy this into a new material? Maybe making the material fresh will mean Lumberyard won’t override it.


Thanks for your answer.

Actually, I deleted all the defective materials.

I right clicked on the asset and updated each material.