Material/texture view distance

Is there anyway to get a farther view distance with painted terrain materials other than using the vertex color? I’m not sure if it’s my level size or if I don’t have my materials et up right, but the view distance just seems way too low. Or maybe it’s just perspective because of the terrain size.

For clarification all of the terrain you can see in this photo is painted, but you are only able to see a short distance a way.

What do you mean by vertex color?

Did you use the correct setup?

  1. Material with shader set to Terrain.Layer and a highpassed texture (this is what you will see closer to the camera

  2. Each layer in Terrain Texture Layers should have or assigned to it (this is what you will see farther away from the camera

  3. Paint the terrain texture layer with some color other than white and it should work.

This separation saves performance because the detailed and more costly material is only visible close to the camera while any terrain further away uses a simple color.

Anyways there there a setting called DetailLayerViewDistance inside the Environment settings (RollupBar or Terrain Tool). Increasing this will render the detail material farther away at the cost of performance.

By vertex color I meant the 3rd option you have for me. I know about that, but I’ve been having problems getting the right color for my materials so I was looking for an option to just increase the view distance.

As for the highpass texture, I’m not really sure. That I know of, I didn’t set a high-pass specifically, but I’ll look into it. As for DetailLayerViewDistance, that was precisely what I was looking for though. Thanks for the help.