Materials Disappearing?

I’ve been having an issue ever since downloading 1.10. When I change any property of a material in the editor, the material blinks in and out for a second, then disappears. The console displays a line that says "AssetRemoved:path=“materialpath”. The only way I can get the material to show back up is to restart the editor.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

I’ve had this issue to varying degrees for a while now too. My material blinks out and then immediately back in. I’m not sure whether it is more of an Asset Processor issue, or a Material Editor one. The error I get when my materials blink is:

[Warning] Failed to load shader “” in material “”

Thanks for the reply. Any idea if there’s a workaround for the time being?

Thanks so much! I’ll give that a try.

Hello @DevilsTower and @Taylor

We are aware of this issue and are currently investigating it. Thanks for reporting it!


Here is a workaround reported by one of our engineers:

  1. Open the .fbx file in the Scene Settings by right clicking on it in the Asset Browser and clicking “Edit Settings…”
  2. Make any change to any setting in the loaded Fbx (Scene) Settings and undo the change again so the Update button is enabled. Press “Update”.
  3. Wait for the Asset Processor to complete and the material will reappear as a source product.
  4. If still not present, go to the material editor and press the save icon or manually re-save the material through a text/xml editor. (This last step shouldn’t be needed)

Another workaround I stumbled upon: remove the mtl file from the folder structure and add it back in.

This seems to reestablish the path and prevents it from deleting itself. They will still blink out of existence, but they blink right back in. Tedious, but workable.

This is definitely better than restarting the editor every time, thank you. I think one of my multi-subs might be a bit too big, because it crashes the editor whenever I add the mtl file back in. Been working great for single materials though.

Can’t seem to get this to work, unfortunately. I usually just export meshes out of 3DSMax using the lumberyard exporter, so I don’t typically have fbx files. I did test it with one though, and couldn’t seem to get the material to show back up.

I just wanted to let you know that this is still a problem in 1.11.1. Just downloaded the editor, first time using it (used to use the cryengine a lot though) and I’m trying to tweak some materials on the sample scenes and the problem almost seems worse than what’s described here. Not only do the materials disappear whenever I change any property, but when they come back, which happens almost immediately, changing the properties no longer does anything at all on the actual materials seen in the editor.

The properties seem to get locked in to whatever you did right before the first time it vanished, then everything after that just doesn’t work at all.

As an artist trying to evaluate the engine for one of my graduation projects, for obvious reasons this makes things quite a bit more difficult. Are there any workarounds or patches for this particular issue yet? I don’t exactly have the luxury of time waiting for 1.12 whenever that may be, I have the month of December and that’s about it, we’re expected to have a complete project every month.