Max GameLift Sessions per Fleet

I am trying to determine a theoretical maximum number of active GameLift game sessions per fleet, and a general understanding of cost. I feel like I am missing something here because the numbers seem very low.

I am getting most of my information from here:

  • You can have 20 fleets per region.
  • A fleet can have up to 20 instances (because thats the account limit)
  • An instance can have up to 50 game server processes running concurrently.
    So, assuming that you can actually run that many processes concurrently, that would mean you can run 1000 concurrent game sessions per fleet. If the game is more resource intensive, that would limit the number of concurrent game server process per instance. If that number was 2-3, it would mean an entire fleet could support 20 - 40 game sessions.

Is that correct? ~600 games per region as an upper limit seems extremely low.

Hey there -

GameLift can support as many concurrent game session as your game needs, so long that your instance limits are set correctly. If you need more than our default 20 instances per region, please reach out to us from the “request limit increase” link in the GameLift Console UI navigation menu. Once your instance limits are raised you will be able to support more concurrent game sessions.