Maya Alembic Migraine

rc-errorcapture.jpgThis is driving me crazy!

I’ve got a rigged character in 3ds max (2015 Ext 1) that I’ve exported to alembic.

The alembic file imports just fine into Maya (2015) including UVs and textures.

However, the exported alembic file from Maya doesn’t load into Lumberyard as RC (running 1.7) keeps giving me an “unknown exception” error! The same file runs through the latest CryEngine RC just fine.

What’s really strange is that objects that started off life in Maya (not imported abc files) seem to process fine through the Lumberyard RC. However, all of my work is in Max. In previous versions (1.2 I think) I was able to export an abc from Max to Maya, then export an abc from Maya to Lumberyard with no issue.

Errors don’t seem that helpful but I’m posting a screen cap. Any tips/suggestions would be appreciated!

I should also mention that I’m just using lumberyard for 3d rendering, so alembic is the preferred format for me as opposed to using the CHR method.


Sorry for the issues you are running in to. I’ve filed a ticket to get the team to take a look and get you an answer.


From the error message " Building configuration file not found… " make me suspected if the editor / or exporter found the proper rc.ini file

Can you try to run Close SetupAssistant to make sure the engine root is setup correctly to prevent missing RC issue.

If that doesn’t work then uninstall and reinstall DCC plugin from SetupAssistant to make sure user grab the update plugin knows correct location of RC.

Please let me know if this help.

Thanks! Much appreciated.

Let me know if you need any machine/os specs.