Maya Exporting

All export settings get saved to the LUMBERYARD_EXPORT_GROUP
node and can be modified through the nodes directly instead of through the
Lumberyard Tools UI. Select any of the nodes that represent any asset for
exporting, and under the Extra Attributes is where you can see the current
settings for that asset.

The lambert1 default Maya material cannot be applied to any
meshes set for export. Create a new material and assign it to the mesh, even if
it’s just for a temporary asset or you don’t plan to use the material in

A material group with the asset’s materials must be created in
the Lumberyard Tools, otherwise you will encounter an error when exporting the
asset’s mesh(es).

Export out the material group even if it’s temporary to
avoid errors in the Lumberyard Editor.

If the Maya scene is set to Y-up for a character, the
character’s root joint will need to be oriented as -90 X and 180 Y. A SceneRoot
node will also need to be added in order to properly export the character.