Mesh deforming when importing animation

Hello, I am having an issue with imported animations from Maya. I have a vehicle with simple spinning and turning animations on the wheels. All joints are oriented z-forward with (0,0,0) rotation. Import of mesh alone is fine. When importing animation however, my wheels fly away and the fenders partially disappear. I have tried to reduce the problem by re-importing only 1 single wheel and a single animation on that wheel with the same results (please see the picture below). I have tried to also import this into Unity to see if I have the same problem and I do not; animations work fine in Unity.

I have followed the best practices in the docs to the best of my knowledge. Mahalo for your help.


Thanks for providing some files to test with. We will look into this and respond here on the forums when we find out what is happening :slight_smile:


The file you sent to us is working for me! Can you explain more about your process? Does this reproduce for other people on your project? Or just on your machine?