Methods to make caves in the terrain

What are some of the best ways to make caves in Lumberyard?

I want to make a cave you can enter, move around in, and also place items and objects in.

I know at this time there is not a voxel Object option like in cry-engine.

How did you get the meshes under the terrain? when I make a hole it just shows the water underneath and the underside of the terrain. Is there anyway you could do a tutorial or direct me to one that uses the same method?

You can see we did some caves here:

We just cut holes in the terrain, and use rock meshes to create the shape of a cave. It looks significantly better than voxels (we used to use voxels in the old CRYENGINE, newer versions removed the option).

Yeah I could maybe do a quick tutorial at some point. You cut your hole in the terrain, and then place the objects in such a way that it creates an entrance that hides the seams, and just use meshes for the walls, ceilings and floors.

There is a “Hole” button on the Terrain Tool tab. I checked it out and it appears to put a hole in the terrain. I used Version 1.27 of LY with CryRemoval gem enabled and disabled, worked for both

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