Middleware Costs?

I have been looking at Lumberyard for the last couple of days and I am interested in moving forward with it, however I noticed that Wwise is used for audio in the engine. Is there an alternative to Wwise as licensing costs for that can get really expensive also are their other middleware in the engine that needs licensed and or paid for when releasing a game?

@ChrisDB so if I am understanding you correctly then Wwise is the only middleware in the engine by default? Is it possible to use FMod instead for audio?

@travismix1980 The version of Wwise (LX) that is ‘with’ Lumberyard can be used as is to a restricted number of sounds, you need to check the details to see if you can use this as a free version. There are other middleware solutions available for different things for Lumberyard (AI/UI/…) but these are more optional than audio, in that there are already UI and AI solutions included.

Fmod is nice as it allows for a free license for one game per year with no limits other than your game budget has to be under $500k which should fit most indie developers. If your budget goes over 500k then its $5000 and if your budget is over $1.5 million the license cost is $15,000. Personally I am interested because my budget is under $500,000 and also one game no limit on platforms works for me as I don’t think you could honestly build a good quality project to release more than once a year though I could be wrong…

I really like that their is no sound limits or anything like that.

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Wwise LTX, included with Lumberyard, is a totally free version of Wwise with a smaller feature set than the full product. There is no sound limit with LTX. The full version of Wwise can be used for free with a 200 sound limit. Check Audiokinetic’s license page for details.

Currently we don’t have an FMOD solution, but we are interested in hearing from the community to gauge the level of interest in adding support for it.

We very interested in FMOD. Please add support it.


It would be nice to have realtime representations of positional sound falloff (if that’s not already doable). I don’t really mind wwise personally but I haven’t delved too far into sound design other than the bare minimum. WWISE LTX so far as met my needs perfectly other than not having the realtime editor representation for falloff so that I can more accurately do soundscapes.

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