Missing files in lumberyard install

I am trying to build a empty project for last 2 weeks. No success till now. Every time i check the log it says that it is missing some files . I am using vs2017 because i heard there are some issues in vs2019 while building project.I used github for installing this software as in the installer the same type of error {i.e missing files} occurred I can’t paste the whole log file error as it is a very big one.The error which happened during building the project is below-
Build failed
→ missing file: ‘e:\Amazon\Lumberyard\lumberyard\dev\BinTemp\win_x64_vs2017_profile\Code\Framework\AzToolsFramework\AzToolsFramework\ViewportSelection\EditorBoxSelect.cpp.3704330.obj’
→ missing file: ‘e:\Amazon\Lumberyard\lumberyard\dev\BinTemp\win_x64_vs2017_profile\Code\Framework\AzToolsFramework\AzToolsFramework\ViewportSelection\EditorInteractionSystemComponent.cpp.3704330.obj’
→ missing file: ‘e:\Amazon\Lumberyard\lumberyard\dev\BinTemp\win_x64_vs2017_profile\Code\Framework\AzToolsFramework\AzToolsFramework\ViewportSelection\EditorPickEntitySelection.cpp.3704330.obj’
Process failed with return code: 1

Maybe they updated it accidentally.