Missing TangentBaseComputation on OS X for iOS?

I’m running through the tutorial for iOS (don’t think it has been updated yet). This is what I get when running lmbr_waf.sh configure:


I get all “checkmarks” when running SetupAssistant.app and I only have “Build iOS” checked.

Hello @nullpointer,

Thank you for trying out Lumberyard for iOS! Looking at the log you provided the problem is that the compile game code option also needs to be selected. You should be able to select that option in the SetupAssistant and have everything work. If that does not happen you may have to modify the WAF/user_settings.options file and edit the bootstrap_tool_param option to look like this:

bootstrap_tool_param = --none --enablecapability compilegame --enablecapability compileios --no-modify-environment

Let me know if this works - good luck!