Modeling in Lumberyard 1.22

Hello let me say I love this game engine Amazon Game Development Team is doing a good job, there are problems everywere I know but still Lumberyard is a good engine.

My question is how to Model Primitives in Editor, I’m used to modeling Cubes and making buildings and structure in CryEngine but this feature is not present in Lumberyard, I remmember it was there can someone direct me please.

Any help? is the feature available?

that tool was moved to the legacy removal gem, that you can activate thru the gem system i believe. Not sure if it will make it back in a more modern system in the future , i hope it does

That’s ok, I was hoping that it’s there, if you tried CryEngine 5.6 lately it’s there and you can create fairly complex levels without a DCC tool.

yea the designer tool, its legacy because i dont think it was converted to working fully with the Entity component design that LY is going for, hoping it get modernized to work with it in the future… 2020 should be a dope year for the engine as it has a good foundation they can build from now.