Modify UI/HUD from C++


I currently have an old CryEngine project that I’m looking at upgrading to Lumberyard. Since Lumberyard doesn’t have ScaleForm and is using it’s own system, I will either need to port ScaleForm over, or use the new UI system. The tutorials for UI only show interacting with the canvas through FlowGraph. Is there a way to manipulate and update the canvas and text fields through C++, are there any examples?


Hi @G__ROW

Thank you for the feedback.

Yes. There is a robust C++ interface to all functionality
of the UI system.

There is no tutorial for this yet but there is some
example code.

You can see an example in the file

This canvas is fully created from C++ without use of the
UI Editor.

You can create canvases in UI Editor and load and
modify them from C++.

Be aware that, as the UI system is in BETA , some
of the C++ APIs may change in a future release.

Awesome, thank you! It seems moving the UI from ScaleForm shouldn’t be too bad.

Do you have some examples how to add a new component to the GUI ? For example I woulds like to add QT WebKit component to use it within UIEditor and flowgraph … Do you have something which make easier start to implement this ?