Motion Extraction And Physics

hi All :

I need help when i use lumberyard 1.16. I had a problem when I used emotionfx. I want to control my actor move ,jump, swim, fly… but I find it is conflict with motion extraction. eg: I want My actor fly like the superman, so I call CryPhysicsComponentRequestBus::SetPhysicsParameters to set bSwimming is true gravity is zero, but it didnot work which was worked well in the Mannequin System.

In MovementControllerEFX.lua Jack move used Motion Extraction but jump dependent on PhysicsComponentRequestBus. That make me confused. When should I use motion extraction and when should I use Physics? How can I make my actor fly as the superman?

thak you

@Ajia @Castor

The Frame per second must be high in order to it and for more information, you can have a visit on

I think you need reflect emotionFX anim states into your code, you should implement something like - state machine what direclty controled by emotionFX’s AnimGraph notifications.

Then on “Flying” anim state(of this reflected SM) try to set custom gravity for CharacterPhysicsComponent, use for this Ebus

pe_simulation_params pe;
pe.gravity = Vec3(0, 0, 0);
LmbrCentral::CryPhysicsComponentRequestBus::Event(GetEntityId(), &LmbrCentral::CryPhysicsComponentRequestBus::Events::SetPhysicsParameters, pe);