Moving droplets on a bathroom tile

anyone know , how to implement that? :point_down: :neutral_face:

You can do this with a texture that will shift along the vertical axis. I’m not sure it’s going to be good, but you can try it. Take a good texture with the alpha channel and try this. I hope you can do it, because it’s really amazing

I worked this out, sort of. It’s using a particle material.

  1. Take any entity you want to add rain to, nothing special needs to be done to this entity.

  2. Create a particle library for your falling rain effect. As many emitters as you need. Probably two to recreate the video, one for the long drops and one for the round drops.

  3. Make a simple material for your water drops, use a normal map to give the droplets some relief from the entity’s surface. Set this material’s shader property to Particles.

  4. In your particle emitters, in the Particles section, set the facing type to Decal.

  5. Make a new entity for your particles, and add your particle system.

  6. Place the particle entity in the same physical space and the entity containing the surface you want the rain to appear on.


This is the most detailed description! Thank you!