mpjoin command crashes if map loaded already.


I was finished the “Getting Started with Multiplayer” tutorial successfully without any issues.

But, when I write the batch file to automate the process, I found one minor issue regarding the mpjoin.

The mpjoin command always crashes with the following step.

# Assume executable name is MultiplayerTutorialLauncher.exe and Level name is MultiplayerTutorial. # start host process
Bin64vc120\MultiplayerTutorialLauncher.exe +map MultiplayerTutorial +mphost
# connect to host (working fine)
Bin64vc120\MultiplayerTutorialLauncher.exe +sv_port 0 +mpjoin
# load the level first then join to the host(always crash)
Bin64vc120\MultiplayerTutorialLauncher.exe +map MultiplayerTutorial +sv_port 0 +mpjoin

According to stack trace of the debugger, it seems the replica process is started before the finish reload the level if the same map is loaded already.


Yikes, thanks for catching this @Soeda - I’ve sent added this to our bugs list :slight_smile:

Hi @Soeda,

Could you attach your debug logs for some follow-up? It’s possible there is something specific tied to VS2013, as 2015 can definitely load and map and then join the session, nor is it limited by the number of clients. Does this only happen with batch files for you? Does this only happen with more than just a single connecting client joining the host?

Let me know if you are still having issues, or if switching to VS2015 fixes it for you!