[MultiplayerProject] SocketDriver::Initialize - bind failed

I built the dedicated server via the instructions from the GameLift tutorial. I’m running a dedicated server locally and connecting to it from the client. When I connect to the dedicated server from the level, multiplayerLobby, I get the error attached. If I start a client-ran server and attempt to connect to it from another client, it also fails with the same error. I’m going to guess that it’s not friendly to connect client->server ran on the same box due to port issues (same port attempting to be bound)?

Hi @darkblitz,

Yes there is only one instance of MultiplayerProjectLauncher.exe and MultiplayerLauncherProjectLauncher_Server.exe running.

I tried using that port and it seems to work. It also works with other ports as well, such as 1337 and 0.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @AMZN_Rob,

Thanks for getting back to me so fast! I’ve tried restarting and it still didn’t work. I probably should’ve mentioned that I ran netstat and found nothing relating to that port, 64090. Any other ideas? The only other thing I have open currently from Lumberyard is the Asset Processor.

Hi @CrisTopher,
Can you please verify that you have one instance of MultiplayerProjectLauncher.exe and one instance of MultiplayerProjectLauncher_Server.exe running? Also, try using another port maybe something like 33435 (the default port).

Let us know if you are still having issues.



Connecting from a local client to a local server is a normal use case. Is your port perhaps already bound and in use by another instance of the application, the Editor, or could it be a leak from a failed application shutdown?

Try closing all of your application instances and the Editor, and then run “netstat” in your Windows command prompt. Is the port in question still bound somewhere?

If it’s not bound in an application that is still running, the port binding has probably leaked. Restarting Windows should resolve the issue.

Both the server ant the client use the same port by default. When connecting two instances on the same machine, you can enter “mpstart 0” on the client’s console so it uses ephemeral port to connect.