My Character assigned to an Actor Component is invisible How to make him visible?

I made a empty component and added a actor component to it. Then I assigned my fbx character to it. But He is invisible. I see this message in the Fbx importer log. Message Opacity has been changed from 0 to full. some DCC tools ignore the opacity and write 0 to indicate opacity is not used. this causes meshes to turn invisible, which is often not the intention so the opacity has been set to full automatically. if the intention was for a fully transparent mesh, please update the opacity in lumberyard material editor. and another message the name of the node was invalid or conflicting and was updated. Not sure how to fix this Ty for your help.

Hi @steveH - The message is saying that the material opacity on your Actor has been set to full so that the material is not transparent. This would be the first thing to check in this situation. Please open the Material Editor and navigate to the material for this Actor, and double check that your material is not transparent:

If your material Opacity is set correctly, and your material appears correctly on the sample sphere in the Material Editor viewport, then the issue is something else. Please let us know if this is a material issue, or if you are still experiencing problems and cannot see your Actor.

Another thing to try is to make sure that you can see the Actor in the EMotion FX Animation Editor. You can open the Actor there, and it should have its skin visible in the viewport.

If you cannot see your Actor in the EMotion FX Animation Editor, you might also want to double check that you are seeing all of your skin meshes come through correctly from your FBX file. Find your FBX file in the Asset Browser, and right-click on it and select “Edit Settings…”. In the Fbx Settings window, go to the Actor tab, then find the Select meshes attribute, and hit the “Select meshes” button to the right of that line.

When the Select ndoes window opens, scroll to the bottom of the window and make sure that the Actor’s meshes are displayed there (meaning that they are present in the FBX file) and that the checkbox is selected next to the meshes you wish to display for this actor.

These are just a few things to check initially - you mention that you still had another error message, regarding the name of the node being invalid or conflicting. So if you can check all of the above first, that will help us narrow down the issue. Hope this helps - please let us know how it goes.

Ty for your help. I did what u said and it didn’t fix it.

The character is visible if I just add the fbx into the scene. The problem is when I add a Actor Component to an empty object. Then add the fbx character to the actor component and he is not visible.

here’s what I have.


This is the scene with the added components. I did what u said but hes still invisible.


Here are the material settings. The First error message when away when Re imported the Character without a material and added a material created in lumberyard.

Hi @steveH - please check that the paths to your material textures are correct. I can see the texture in your image “playerinvisable.png” is displaying with the red error texture (texture missing is displayed as red). Without a texture file, your material will not appear. Please check that your diffuse, normal and specular map paths are correct, and you should see the texture appear in the Material Editor correctly. Please try this and let us know if it works, thank you!

I didn’t assign a texture or a material to my character in blender. After I did this it showed up visible in lumberyard.

i got the same issue here.
i can see my character on animation editor

But not in the viewport

i though its maybe not imported properly so i go to the fbx file and right click and change the setting then when the menu is popped up, it say

i check the material editor to see if the log message is saying the truth? and not. all the material and its sub-material is have 100 on opacity. so i don’t understand which opacity the message meant.
any solution so far?

thanks in advance

is the material assigned to the model in the DCC & the texture path points to where you have the texture in lumberyard if it is there?. i use Blender3d.