My feedback - Lumberyard 1.27

Hello lumberyard team :slightly_smiling_face:

01 - [New] A bunch of textures that I use for the realistic scenes project and copy / paste a bunch of large size textures in 1.27 (60MB -110MB for a texture file) and then the “hard disk” light on the permanent “case” turns on and engages , And it locks the lumberyard and then the computer , This is a big challenge for asset processor tool , if you agree , I will talk more about this in the coming days. :point_down:

02- Water ripple generator component does not work in PhysX (For “reasons” that I can not explain because the forum rules does not allow me, I do not have access to GitHub and Visual Studio to compile “Water” Gem & Programming… )

03- PhysX Script Canvas Valena character can not jump on ground / to sky

04- Does not support Most of my 3D model files have these extensions like *.3ds, *.obj , *.dae , etc (Many models are published on the Internet with these types of extensions, is converting extensions to FBX the final solution? )

05- Does not support photoshop *.PSD files (Convert PSD files to files with other extensions …? )

06-Script Canvas AI Behavior Tree does not exist (Of course, games can be made without it, but the addition of this feature will cause the “Super advanced” artificial intelligence system in Lumberyard)

07- Global/Static Variable does not exist in Script Canvas (Except for the Script Event)

Most issues are resolved at 1.27 and 1.27 is very good :point_down: :heart_eyes:

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