My fleet don't close by it self

I’m using gamelift realtime server and the fleet stay open 17h ago, and it don’t close by itself. So I can’t apply the changes that I made in the script

To be clear are you saying you cannot apply Script updates because your game sessions are staying active?

You can scale your fleet to zero to force terminate the sessions to solve these problems (annoying but the only way open to you currently)

Did you see this note in the docs?
" To gracefully end a game session, the script must also call the Realtime server’s session.processEnding function. This requires some mechanism to determine when to end a session. The script example code illustrates a simple mechanism that checks for player connections and triggers game session termination when no players have been connected to the session for a specified length of time."

You can see in the tickloop, the script is checking to see if players are still connected and if not terminating the process (and thus the game session)

Hope that helps

Yes, I had this error:

Server process failed to cleanly exit within 30 seconds of calling ProcessEnding()

I found a way to finish the game session here: