Need CrySystem.dll

As the title says, I need the CrySystem.dll from the Bin64 folder, my anti-virus program deleted it and I did delete the zip file yesterday. Can someone upload their CrySystem.dll for me, if it is possible and allowed, because it would take 5 hours to download the whole zip file again and I don’t download files from those “dll websites”.


MD5: CFCD5115847B9CB283CE4BC31EDA2B8E

thats why i posted the MD5 hash to thest it on the fly lol

Thanks @LapDev. We have now confirmed you are not a double agent :). In all seriousness, thank you for helping and good call on listing the MD5. Nice!

Happy to help @Shiyato. We’ll have someone look into the Kaspersky issue.

Welcome to the Lumberyard community! Hope to see you around on the forums.

The MD5 code (that one’s called an MD5SUM) is a way of verifying the file hasn’t been altered (eg maliciously). You can ignore that if you’re not sure what to do with it.

This might help explain:

If you have time to read through that, it’s useful knowledge to have. :slight_smile:

Well, thanks, that was a fast answer, but what is this MD5 (Code) for?

I totally forgot about the restoring function facepalm

I’m using kaspersky, but I didn’t update it in the last 2(?) months, so it could be the reason for it.

Thank you for reminding me of the restoring function, saved me lot of time, although it seems that @LapDev sent the original file, it has the Amazon copyright.

Thanks @LapDev for the speedy help.

Hello @Shiyato, sorry you are running into issues with the install. While its understandable that you would like to just get a hold of the dll and not re-download the entire build, there is a safer alternative. Most antivirus providers will allow a restore functionality for files their software has quarantined. I’d recommend choosing that alternative over downloading files from unknown sources due to risk of malicious alterations (no disrespect to @LapDev, who gets kudos for helping)

Also, if you could let us know what anti-virus provider you are using we could work with them to ensure our files are not wrongly quarantined, thus helping other users out. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’re happy to have a community that’s looking out for each other!