need help with character creation

Hello everyone, hope you guys always having a nice days.

well, i currently looking for tutorials related to character creation, i have tried to googling but most tutorials i found is using the sample rig that shipped within gameSDK / Legacy Sample. Well lets say i have my own character rigged with my own rig and i have animated it. And then i exported it into editor, what i have to do next?


Anyone? Please?

What program are you using to rig and animate your character?

I Used MakeHuman for AutoRig, and for animations, i used Blender i have all animations i need for now, and all is exported already into the editor and i have created the CHR using Gapetto but im stuck now lol i dont know what to do next

so here how it works

i model and rig the character using MakeHuman —> export it as Collada(.dae) ----> Import it to Blender and animate it (Since MakeHuman only Provide very Basic Humanoid model so i add all accessories of the model and Re-Rig the model here too) —> Export all using addons named CryBlend

Maybe its looks and Sound Complicated but it is the easiest way i can do lol
( i will create a video tutorial about Complete Character Creations on Lumberyard once i know how to do it later so this is will be my progress)
i currently use Legacy Sample anyway but i would love to create totally new Character System