Need help with Clothing a Character

I have a character in my game, but he is naked and I need to get clothes on him. My Questions are 1. How do I implement clothes onto a character (That has animations), and 2. What program should I use to make/get clothing from (Don’t say it may be a little expensive, because I’ve got all programs i’m just looking for the best one to use). Thx :grin:

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hi! I think in new LY releases we got a clothes component on base physX.
but for now we still have to attach cloth to bones, probably sometimes we should made a extra bones in rig for cloth (768 max bones are supported pre character’s rig in cryengine3.8/LY)

to attach cloth to character’s rig you can paint weight manually or use wieght transfer with some manual fixes.
here is a tut about this:

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[UPDATE] NVIDIA Cloth gem is available in Lumberyard. Enabling the gem allows to add Cloth components to your character entities.

Link to documentation on how to add cloth to characters: