New game made with only amazon lumberyard

I never made games before but decided to get into it when I saw that amazon had a game engine. I never even knew anything about them. Since then I dedicated alot of time and work to creat my first game titled. The Hunt. Check it out on youtube to see how strong this engine is. I am also looking for people that would like to work together on games and can connect with each other online. Trying to form a little team of people that enjoying using this program and want to see what we can create. Right now what i make will be free but down the line i would like to make $9.99 games worth buying and playing. Link to the game is bellow. Please give me feedback!

This looks interesting indeed! I hope I don’t come off as rude with some of these suggestions…:

A lot of the architecture and overall modeling looks great, although, it looks rushed in some areas.Some of the areas are too flat, and allow for too much light, or too much sight. Some of the monster models don’t seem to fit well with any of the environment. if the environment gets edited slightly for a different mood, I’m sure they’d fit in nicely. (IE: dense forest with little or dark red lighting, and tight spaces would be a better environment for creatures like the Minotaur) The story seems a little weak, but it could have some potential. There’s a few noticeable bugs, but I’m sure you’ll get them ironed out.

If you’d like for any help from me, just let me know!

Not rude at all agree totally! Was thinking the same before i put the video. The video is just a work in progress. Im making completely new character models. Right now what you see is basically mark points for testing. Been learning 3ds max its a good program. All the fake cliffs are going to be replaces with new :real" ones. The beach at the begging is being re done because yes is to flat. I am going to add rain and lighting to add to the atmosphere. Im trying to create am environment that comes to gather and makes you think. I want the story to come together by findings rather then being thrown at you. Differnt areas of the map are going to tell a different story related to the main characters past life but twisted into a dark dissension. I will be posting updates video once a week to get feedback. Thanks for it.

Nice creepy atmosphere with this one – can’t wait to see more!

You should study a little color theory, it’ll help you significantly with the mood. Maybe a little character/story development would be great to learn too, it’s helped me out tons with my game. Good work, I’ll keep an eye out for updates.

Very good! Much inspiration to become better at making games with Lumberyard.

i would like to join/

hey i am also trying to create games in lumberyard, your game looks very impressive and seems fun, do you have anyway to talk so i can join your team

This looks interesting indeed! If you’d like for any help from me, just let me know!

Interesting game did you complete the final version ?- also interested in how much effort in time it took to create a game like The Hunt

I think I saw a post about this on Facebook recently. Are you till using Lumberyard?