New Lumberyard Tutorials.

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Lumberyard just went live with version 1.6, and we also released 7 new tutorials at the same time. These new tutorials are updated version of the Getting Started Series which focus more on the Component system. We have also made updates to many of the existing tutorials. More tutorials coming soon!!!

New Lumberyard tutorials:

Getting Started 01 Installing Lumberyard Text | Video

Getting Started 02 Understanding the Interface Text | Video

Getting Started 03 Creating your First Level Text| Video

Getting Started 04 Using Lights Text | Video

Getting Started 05 Adding a Player Start Text | Video

Getting Started 06 The Designer Tool Text | Video

Component Basics 03 The Camera Component Text

We love to hear your ideas for new tutorials and improvements. So let us know what you think of these new tutorials, and what you would like to see next. Click Here

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