New Lumberyard Video On Cross-Platform Games, Digital Twins, Simulations & VR/AR

Hello Lumbernauts!

A new Lumberyard video is out on our official YouTube channel at

The video will go over how to create, deploy, and scale quickly with Amazon Lumberyard. Lumberyard for cross-platform games, digital twins, simulations and VR/AR experiences with no fees or royalties. Weave together beautiful worlds with a AAA-quality renderer and physics engine, seamlessly integrate with AWS to keep costs down, and reach the largest community of gamers with built-in Twitch integrations.

It’s a very informative video about the Lumberyard engine, so go check it out!


Beautiful headline & Brief and useful description, LIKE TOP :slightly_smiling_face: :white_check_mark:

I suggest to lumberyard team, At the first opportunity, create templates or various examples ready for script canvas , This offer could create a new dimension for beginners and increase migration to Lumberyard.(Although this is a top priority for me and other issues on my roadmap) :wink: :point_down: