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Hello Lumbernauts,

A new dev blog on how to create global wind forces with the PhysX Force Region component is out! See below for the link to learn more.

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Thanks for Lumberyard 1.27 but I had questions that

:one: I tested and worked for old physics for Ripple Effect before (Old physics’s collision with the water surface), but Ripple Effect water does not work for PhysX in previous versions, do you have a plan to implement “Water/Oil/Liquid Ripple Effect” component :question: :grey_question:

:two: The wind or gravity affects on the particle, has this feature been implemented for the PhysX :grey_question: :question:

This is Lummberyard 1.9 :point_down:

Hi @_AhmadKarami,

Thank you for writing to us!

  1. Unfortunately there is not public documentation on this, but Lumberyard 1.27 has Water gem, you can learn more about it by looking at the source code. Specifically Ripple Effect can be simulated using WaterRippleGeneratorComponent. It works with PhysX. Note: it might be a bit counter-intuitive, but this component should be attached to a rigid body that is going to be producing ripple effect, rather than to a water body.
  2. Particles do support wind and gravity, you can learn more here

Hope this helps and for the future communication it will be easier if you create a separate post with your questions with appropriate tags, that way we will be able to get back to you sooner!


If I recall there is a way to “attract” particles to an entity. You could just align an entity to the emitter and move the entity in script canvas according to whatever the wind force is and the particles will appear to react to wind in that way.

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