New Substance NG Gem

Hi everyone,

I was trying to import some substance archives in lumberyard and was getting this “Failed to create Substance” error that other users reported too.

From that point I decided to handle the problem, and investigating from the Unreal Engine 4 substance plugin I figured out that the Lumberyard substance plugin was out-dated, and so used the sources available with the Unreal Engine plugin to build a new Substance NG Gem for Lumberyard.

So far, this new version is working good for me (ie. can import properly those substance archives created with designer 6.0 that were failing with the legacy substance gem). And I would like to share this work with the community. So the sources for this new gem are available on my github account at:

Now, question to Amazon: considering I started from the source code from the legacy Substance Gem, what kind of license should I be specifying for this project ? (Note that I will also ask the same question directly to Allegorithmic to be on the safe side…): I want to share my work, but not sure yet I really have the right to share everything :wink: So please let me know what you think.

This is excellent! Thanks for sharing with the community! I am following up with our legal people on the licensing question.