"No account found for the given parameters."

Hey there,

recently getting this error a lot. Both when using HTTP Requests and the “aws gamelift upload-build…” things. The account worked before. Haven’t touched the account itself, neither touched the credentials. Why does that happen?

As you can see here: https://puu.sh/ydi6K/076a89e1b3.png

I simply called the command again and it worked. Haven’t even touched anything.
Would you mind looking into this as it also happens for “CreateGameSession” calls, which is really not good if that response randomly comes back and players don’t get a server.

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Cedric Neukirchen

Hey Ben,

you seem to have replied to the AWS Account of my current client?
The account I’m logged in with in this forum is my personal one.
That should not show any of my client’s accounts.
Would you please mind sending the email to the account tied to this (eXi) account?

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Well, can’t edit my post as it shows me this image:


The whole GameLift service seems to be hardly working at the moment.
I constantly get loading errors on the dashboard and need to refresh multiple times.
Are you peeps having Server issues?

Could you please put the priority a bit higher on that?
Your servers constantly report “No account found for the given parameters.” until I try 5-6 times and then it suddenly works. It’s also different services failing this.
This also happens when trying to create GameSessions.

4th try worked now. That’s really not ideal. These calls need to work! Users are matched and need to get a Server assigned. This can’t be based on the luck of AWS not pasting a random error.

Well great, even with the error and not showing any upload state, it added 3 builds to the list:


Hey Ben,

I can’t really say “when” it started to happen, as I haven’t touched GameLift during the last months. So for me it started when I used it again.

The account we use is a sub account that only has GameLift rights and it works despite every now and then reporting the error mentioned in the Thread title.

We went as far as kicking our users out of the matchmaking queue when this happens and right now you see yourself queuing up about 5 times before all 3 calls passed (CreateGameSession, DescribeGameSession and CreatePlayerSessions).

The error happens from my PC and from GameSparks Cloud Code.

You can contact me via the Email that is listed in my account details, yes.

My own PC isn’t really the problem, as I don’t care much about it failing for here, but the GameSparks CloudCode isn’t supposed to retrieve that error.
I’m communicating via HTTP Requests, so I’m not using any CLI for GameSparks.
It’s just a simple HTTP Request with the proper parameters and signature stuff, based on your documentation and as already said, it works, but randomly reports that error.
Which because of it working sometimes makes even less sense.
It’s basically saying it can’t find an account, but the same account can be found 5 tries later.

I could put the fiddler thing on my PC and try to upload a build and see if you get any information from that, however since it’s also happening in the Cloud Code, I would pretty much assume it’s somewhere on your end. Together with the previously reported “no response” error, this makes 2 bugs that make GameLift incredibly hard to use for us.

We worked around the previously mentioned error by delaying each HTTP Request by 1 to 3 seconds, so users have to wait ~5 seconds before joining a game. That’s fine for now, however the no account found error is not acceptable.

Hi @eXi, I apologize for that. I don’t have access to the email address tied to your forum account, but I’ll see if I can find someone who does.



Hey @eXi,

I forwarded your questions and we’ll get back to you asap.

Best regards

Hi eXi, that would be very frustrating. Can you try from a different machine/connection to see if it still happens?

When did it start happening and what version of the cli are you using?

fiddler trace would be very helpful tracking this down, but it would contain your credentials so I can’t have you post it to the forum. Would you mind if I contacted you directly and is the email address associated with your account up to date?


HI @eXi, can you please send an email to ly-community (at) amazon.com so we can contact you directly at the correct email address?


Hi eXi, I understand, but I need more information to help investigate. I’ll contact you and we can dig in.