no color in textures for terrain

SImple terrain test in 1.8, and while textures show up, they are very ‘flat’ even though as seen in attachment, there is a color,a sand color…when painting here, the color is VERy light as can be seen.

Please see attached pic.terrain color problems

I opened project from 1.7 I believe, and getting a few errors:

[ 2][Engine]CTerrain::LoadSurfaceTypesFromXML: Error loading material: EngineAssets/Materials/material_terrain_default

[ 1][System]Thread doesn’t have control of event and didn’t find cached copy, this is not thread-safe

[ 1][Editor]Material engineassets/materials/material_terrain_default not found

Not sure if those errors are the reason , but anyway all I get is the texure on terrain, white no matter what vertex color I choose in layer painter.

What would cause this ?


Moved to Graphics — checking in with the team for answers as well :slight_smile:

I know this team is no doubt very busy, but any idea on what I may have done to cause this,in case its on my end ?


ty so much ;))) I’ve checked and rechecked to make sure its not me,finding nothing , but then again…I don’t use engine enough to be proficient and avoid silly mistakes. Time fleets for us all :wink:

Howdy @cajunctionAI, I’ve bumped this to see if we can get you an answer shortly.

Hi @cajunctionAI

I imported Legacy GameSDK terrian material to 1.8 FeaturesTest project and found the tint color works just fine either apply in diffuse color or the color in terrain brush setting. I even try to import an Diffuse / Albedo map in terrain.layer shader it also works just fine with color.

I did find one thing though, the editor crashed whenever I tried to add new layer in Terrain texture layer.

Could you provide detail re-produce steps so I can test to see if I get the same result?

Thank you.

Hello @cajunctionAI,

I also looked into this and recreated your terrain material setup as shown in your screenshot. Like @Datouwan mentioned, I was also able to get the terrain layer paint system to work as expected.

You may be experiencing very “light” colored painting because you already have a tinted diffuse color in the material, and if you’re painting a similar color in the terrain paint tool, they may be hard to distinguish with the high smoothness value you have on the material.

Try lowering the smoothness and spec colors of your material as a test, just to remove any reflective properties from the surface that may be throwing things off. Also as a test, remove the diffuse color from the material, making it pure white and paint with very saturated colors in the terrain painter tool. Doing so should give you obvious results. Form there, tweak the material values back to levels that you’re happy with.

If that doesn’t work for, look at the specular and normal maps applied to the material to ensure they’re authored within proper PBR values. If they are not, that could also affect the visual results.

I hope this helps. Please let us know if you still cannot get terrain painting working in a simple test.


Sorry to hear you have trouble to get it working. Terrain painting does need some practice to get used to the mechanism of it. I would need to clarify some steps that you might be missing:

  • Did you use Terrain layer textures tool / window to add texture layer and manage terrain textures?
  • Make sure all the terrain layers are assigned as “Terrain.Layer” shader in Material Editor. That might be the reason your grass is working but the sand. Did you switch to something else by accident since all terrain texture from Woodland should just work.
  • Again, could you provide re-produce steps since we can’t reproduce the same issue you had. Please start from how you load up woodland assets and which tools you used to assign terrain textures.

What steps are you taking, to get color on terrain, where there is no hint at all of color in the material editor you have open now…its all white.

If I try and choose a color in layer painter, I get nothing.

I can get grass to work, though its very LIGHT, but sand refuses to work. I am using only the textures that come with woodland assets.

Why is grass working , and is light green, while the TINT in material editor is completely white ?


Editor just crashed,not as stable as it should be, but it is in beta. Its just not helping me to fix this terrain paint issue :wink:

Btw, all my errors have gone away,NO CLUE why, but now I just get this, on open of my current level:

[ 1][AI System]AI: Navigation.xml config version mismatch (found 0 expected 6)!! Regenerate Navigation data in the editor.

weird ?:wink:

Still need help with coloring issues on terrain.

  1. Yes.

  2. They are. They are all from that dir faik, though yes I"m new at using them per se. If not, what DIR should I be accessing ? I’m using : C:\Amazon\Lumberyard\\dev\Gems\AssetCollection_Woodland\Assets\Objects\materials\terrain

  3. I made 2 new textures in TTL tool, loaded texture from DIR above and then assigned them in TTL with Material window open to each texture ( done for each texture, grass and sand)

Assuming I"m simply not doing something naive ,given I"ve not worked enough with LY, here it is in zip as system won’t accept mtl files:

Strike that, the system won’t take files > 5MB, and its 11.


He @cajunctionAI, can you upload your *.mtl and *.tif files you are using for the terrain so we can dig deeper into the issue?

You may need to zip the files in order to upload them.

I did, still too much, see my post below.

Here you go , thx :wink:

Yeah, we have to have some limits in place, let me make some temporary adjustments.

Okay @cajunctionAI, I’ve made some changes, can you try posting that ZIP file again?


Thanks for supplying files, I assumed you only provided the image files that you modified so I reused the woodland assets for other textures slot.

There are two way to add color to terrain textures.

  1. Tint the diffuse color:
  2. Apply Vertex color in Layer painter.
    As you can see by screenshot below, the color that you add in diffuse color looks way desecrated on terrain even though the shader ball look like what you expected. The reason for that is the "Diffuse Color(Tint) is not a real Albedo color, it plays a role of multiplier and color tint. for example the value white (255,255,255) means “1” so (0,255,0) not the really 100% green.

On the other hand the Vertex coloring is a real vertex color overlap on top of terrain texture so you would see the result is much close to what you expect.

I would recommend you leave the diffuse color ( tint ) as white or light grey , then control the color from Vertex coloring on Layer painter. Please note, the overall rendering also affected by the post processing which is the Time of Day setting ( Sun color, Fog color and HDR …etc) . So I wondered how’s your time of day looks like, could you export and upload time of day setting to us?