No support for Visual Studio 2019

Why is there no support for the ‘latest’ version of VS which is 2019 ?\

I already have it installed, it is NOT UNSTABLE, yet LY goes only as high as 2017 .

WHy-what is the logic behind this move or is it just a lack of dev team to make 2019 at least an OPTION ?

How are we supposed to advance an engine we find favor with if its not supporting the latest, ‘stabel’ compiler by Microsoft ?

I can’t therefore use this engine, because it won’t let me install, go forward via setup, Without installing VS 2017 .

Why would I install something I don’t need when UE4 runs with with VS 2019 as does unity?

Whats up Lumberyard dev team ?

Get with the system ;)_

Hi, @cajunctionAI,

Lumberyard hasn’t released another version since March, From what i see VS 2019 came out April 2nd. So who knows? Maybe in the next version. If not, then we will just have to wait. The team has more important things to work on, like getting new systems up and running and fixing major bugs. Plus, If I am not mistaken, most of the companies that are using the engine probably haven’t update to 2019 yet. So it wouldn’t currently be in Lumberyards interest to add it yet. There is probably a way around to use 2019 but i haven’t tried it yet.

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Yes I agree it would be a horrible thing to support users vs corporate entities.

No matter, to my surprise, it didn’t force install of 2017, but the config wouldn’t progress unless I checked either 2015 or 20127.

ODD ? :wink: I almost didn’t even continue worrying it would force one of those over my current 2019 install.

I only installed 2019 seeing it as the newest and likely greatest, and more stable ( bug fixes , new needed features)- maybe not I’m no expert on all things VS, but that seemed a logical conclusion.

Thx for reply.

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