NodeJs server SDK

Is it possible to write game server in NodeJs?

Ok I have found something by myself.
So there is no server SDK implementation for javascript (NodeJs). But I did some reverse engineering research on C++ SDK and GameLiftLocal and i know that GameLift use WebSockets and JSON to establish connection between Server SDK and GameLift service itself.
So it is quite easy to write my own SDK for new programming languages, especially NodeJs.

Bad news is I can find any documentation of this API :frowning:

Maybe someone can help me with that? Are there any chances to make this documentation available public?

Hey man. If you still wanna port NODEJS version of the sdk let me know. Id be interested in moonlighting that with you.

Hey Pablo , have you hosted your nodejs sdk solution someplace ? Or any pointers regarding this would be great help


Hi @luhar,

somebody already made it.

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If you haven’t seen GameLift realtime servers run NodeJS scripts for you:

The disadvantage is you don’t own the server here, but you can update the server scripts without having to remake your fleet.

Ah thanks, @Jcular … Had found it by then :slight_smile:

Also is there a way to install modules such as crypto-js on the fleet instance ?
Alternate I guess is packging the crypto-js source along with the script

For now I believe you can only zip up everything you need in your ‘script’ bundle, but then everything should work ie: