Non-skinned animation import

Does Lumberyard support non-skinned animation import?

I have a model in Maya with rotation keyframes, but when I export to fbx and import into Lumberyard, there is no motion tab in the object’s settings, and it is treated as a static mesh. I imported the fbx into a blank maya scene to confirm that the keyframes are indeed there in the file.


Hi @NeilZ :slightly_smiling_face:
Welcome to Lumberyard , Please see this video tutorials , I hope , you find your answer :point_down:

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Thanks @_AhmadKarami For the excellent videos with the tutorials.

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You’re Welcome great master @julianocristian :rose: :heart: Also I thank you so much @JKingpin & @Ajia for this video tutorials :pray: :slightly_smiling_face: I think she is in this video tutorials same with @Ajia :blush: :thinking:


Hey @NeilZ,

At this time, we do not have support for non-skinned animations from 3D content creation packages. Apologies for the inconvenience, we know this is something customers would like to have so they don’t have to create skeletons and skinned meshes for simple animations.

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