Noob Question - What is BEST script canvas tutorial, atm <3 .

I want to only use script canvas, I like visual coding, what is the most important tutorials, to start in Lumberyard . . <3

Honestly depends on what you are making, any tutorial shows how to make the Script Canvas Graph that is needed for that certain problem. The Amazon Lumberyard Tutorials on youtube are what I used to learn some of the Script Canvas I know, mostly the Physics and character stuff. The rest was self taught or learned on the Lumberyard Discord page. If you have not joined I would, it will help you a lot to post questions there to get a way quicker response. Amazon Discord

The Amazon Lumberyard YouTube channel is the best place for video tutorials, it includes a section for the major community made video tutorials. Just as importantly there are a number of example projects created with script canvas: Check out the new version of Starter Game (1.25+ included), the NEMO example project (seperate download), and the Cowboy character project. Pull those apart to get a feel for Script Canvas.

Also, as mentioned, come join the unofficial Discord and interact with the community! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I +1 what @WashedUpStudios and @Sierra_Zero have said.
I’ll also link to a written version we published from our Basics of Motion series.

Hope this helps.